The Borg Collective

"I'm not a production environment, I'm a basement." -- TechHole Productions

AIRWOLF [Poweredge R510] 2014 T rackmount dual 750w hotswap Dell (backplane) 6-PCIe4 dual Xeon E5620 2.4GHz DDR3 EEC 64GB 8x SAS HGST 3TB (12 bays) AIRWOLF [Poweredge R510] Matrox G200 [onboard] SAS card gigabit takes off like a helicopter AIRWOLF [Poweredge R510]
SILVER II 2014 24/7 generic ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 600W Asus P9X79 LE 3-PCIe16 2-PCIe1 1-PCI Intel X79 Intel i7-4820K 3.7GHz LGA2011 DDR3 32GB (8 slots) Samsung SSD 480g, HGST 3TB SILVER II Lite-On 16x DVD-RW ASUS Radeon EAH6450HD 1GB [onboard] gigabit [onboard] WinXP SP3 MSDN gift of the Magi SILVER II
RaidMax ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 550W Lenovo S30 Thinkstation (Tyan?) 2-PCIe16 1-PCIe4 1-PCI Intel Xeon E1620v2 3.7GHz LGA2011 DDR3 32GB (8 slots) FIREBALL NVIDIA GeForce G100 512mb [onboard] SAS (onboard) gigabit [onboard] cannibalism and spare parts FIREBALL
[Dell  9010 #1] 2014 24/7 Optiplex mini Dell Foxcon Q77M 1-PCIe16 1-PCIe4 Intel Q77M Intel i7-3770K 3.7GHz DDR3 32GB  Samsung SSD 480g [Dell  9010 #1] DVD-RW Radeon R7 350X 4GB [onboard] gigabit [onboard] Win7-64 Pro [Dell  9010 #1]
[Dell  9010 #2] 2014 T Optiplex mini Dell Foxcon Q77M 1-PCIe16 1-PCIe4 Intel Q77M Intel i7-3770K 3.7GHz DDR3 24GB Samsung SSD 480g [Dell  9010 #2] DVD-RW Radeon R7 350X 1GB [onboard] gigabit [onboard] PCLinuxOS KDE [Dell  9010 #2]
[Dell  9010 #3] 2014 T Optiplex mini Dell Foxcon Q77M 1-PCIe16 1-PCIe4 Intel Q77M Intel i7-3770K 3.5GHz DDR3 32GB Samsung SSD 480g [Dell  9010 #3] DVD-RW Radeon R7 350X 1GB [onboard] gigabit [onboard] Hackintosh ML 10.8, Svr2008R2 [Dell  9010 #3]
[Lenovo Y50]
T laptop Lenovo Mobile Intel HM86 Express Intel i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz (turbo 3.4GHz) DDR3 16GB  WD 1TB hybrid [Lenovo Y50 2013] DVD-RW gigabit, 802.11ac Win8.1-64 Enterprise [Lenovo Y50]
[Dell M4700]
T laptop Dell Intel i7-3840QM 2.8GHz (turbo 3.8GHz DDR3 16GB WD160g [Dell M4700] 2013 DVD-RW gigabit, 802.11n Win7-64 Pro [Dell M4700]
[Dell Latitude D620] 2008 T laptop Dell Intel T2600 Core2Duo 2.16GHz DDR2 2GB WD 500g [Dell Latitude D620] DVD-RW NVidia Quadro NVS110M 64mb [onboard] [onboard] gigabit, 802.11g WinXP Pro [Dell Latitude D620]
GAMBLER| T laptop Acer Aspire 5733Z Intel P6200 Core2Duo 2.13GHz DDR3 4GB Seagate 500g GAMBLER| DVD-RW PCLinuxOS KDE no F key, no search and rescue GAMBLER|
BULLET 2007 24/7 generic ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 600W Intel DQ965GF Intel Q965 Intel Q6600 Core2Quad 2.5GHz  Kentsfield DDR2 8GB WD 250g, WD 500g, WD 1TB BULLET Lite-On 16x DVD, Lite-On 16x BR-RW Radeon HD4670 1GB [onboard] gigabit Netgear GA311 XP64 random salvage BULLET
Lightfoot 2007 T RaidMax ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 450W Dell Foxcon DG33M04 Intel Q965 Intel Q6800 Core2Quad 2.5GHz DDR2 8GB WD 640g Lightfoot generic 16x DVD-RW [onboard] [onboard] gigabit [onboard] Win7 (main HD) Win7/10 (removable) what to do with a dead Dell Lightfoot
TARNISH (old Silver) 2008 T generic ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 535W Asus P5B-Deluxe Intel P965/G965 Intel Q9450 Core2Quad 2.6GHz Yorkfield  DDR2 4GB WD 250g, WD 1TB TARNISH (old Silver) Lite-On 16x DVD-RW NVIDIA GeForce G100 512mb [onboard] gigabit [onboard] WinXP SP3 MSDN random salvage TARNISH (old Silver)
Cash 2008 T RaidMax ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 535W Asus P5B-Deluxe Intel P965/G965 Intel E6700 Core2Duo 3.2GHz Wolfdale Cash Lite-On 16x DVD/CDRW MSI GeForce 256mb gigabit [onboard] PCLinuxOS KDE/TDE got it one piece at a time Cash
Westworld 2010 T RaidMax ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 450W Asus M2N68-AM Plus Phenom II X4 840 3.2GHz socketAM2+ DDR2 8GB WD 160g Westworld Lite-On 16x DVD/CDRW [onboard] gigabit [onboard] Win10 build 10840 Westworld
Double Vision 2006 T RaidMax ATX midtwr RaidMax 300W Asus A8N-SLI Athlon 3200+ 2.2GHz socket939 Double Vision Double Vision
Paint It Black 2006 T HP [Compaq] Sparkle 350W Asus M2N68-AM Athlon64 X2 DualCore 4200+ 2.2GHz socketAM2+ DDR2 6GB WD 160g Paint It Black [onboard] [onboard] [onboard] Vista64 resurrectee Paint It Black
PALADIN III 2004 T Generic ATX midtwr (Raidmax) Enermax ATX 450W MSI-6580 1-5-0 Award Northwood P4-3.08GHz HT socket478 DDR 3200 2GB WD 80g, WD 250g PALADIN III Lite-On 16x DVD-RW ATI 128mb AC'97 (onboard) gigabit Netgear GA311 WinXP SP3 MSDN faithful companion PALADIN III
MOONBASE 2003 24/7 RaidMax ATX midtwr Enermax ATX 400W iBase MB800 1-3-3 Award Intel 845G P4-2.8GHz socket478 DDR 2100 1GB WD 4g, Fujitsu 17g MOONBASE Lite-On 16x DVD-RW Intel 845G (onboard) AC'97 (onboard) gigabit Intel (onboard) MSDOS 7.0 DOOM MOONBASE
Qaba 2003 [deceased] N eTower 4000 (Antec) ATX 350W Intel Rexburg D845GRG 1-3-0 AMI Intel Brookdale i845G P4-3.06GHz socket478 DDR 2100 512mb Qaba generic 44x CDROM Intel 82845G (onboard) AC'97 (onboard) Intel Pro 100 VE (onboard) WinXP SP1 bad capacitors Qaba
Tinker 2003 [deceased] N Dell Dimension 4550 ATX Dell (Intel??) 1-4-0 Phoenix Intel Brookdale i845PE P4-3.1GHz socket478 DDR 2100 1GB Tinker Samsung 12x DVD, Hitachi-LG 48/24/48 [onboard] AC'97 (onboard) 10/100 [onboard] WinXP SP1 from deep in the heart of Texas - bad capacitors Tinker
Birdbrain [deceased] X generic ATX AZZA P4X2-AV 1-6-0 Award VIA PV266 NB VT8233 SB P4-2.1GHz socket478 DDR 3200 1GB Seagate 17g Birdbrain generic DVD, generic 32/12/24 SiS 330 Xabre AC'97 (onboard) 10/100 [onboard] linux (various) random salvage Birdbrain
T laptop Twinhead P3-1GHz DDR 340mb Hitachi 20GB PUPPY WaryPuppy; XPLite PUPPY
XORRO 2000 T Compaq ATX midtwr Compaq Compaq (backplane) Phoenix dual Xeon 750 Rambus 2GB Seagate 34g SCSI, Seagate 17g SCSI XORRO 8x CDROM, 2x Lite-On: 16x DVD, 16x DVD-RW AGP AC'97 (onboard) [Compaq] Adaptec [onboard] 10/100 [onboard] Win2k formerly Chaos Manor's "Regina" (Jerry Pournelle) XORRO
(nameless C-1.2GHz) N AZZA U694BC 1-5-1 Via 694X C-1.2GHz socket370 [PC133x3] (nameless C-1.2GHz) (nameless C-1.2GHz)
(nameless P3-800) T RaidMax ATX midtwr ATX 275w ABIT BE6-II 1-5-1 Award Intel 440BX P3-800 socket370 (w/ slot1 adapter) PC133 768mb WD 120g (nameless P3-800) Lite-On 16x DVD, Lite-On 52/24/52 NVidia 32mb AGP SBLive USR 33.6 ISA PnP AHA-2930 linux (various) software testing (nameless P3-800)
(unbuilt Athlon) Biostar M7MKE 1-5-1 Award VIA VT82C686A Athlon-600 slotA PC133 256mb (unbuilt Athlon) AC'97 (onboard) (unbuilt Athlon)
DINK 1994, 1995, 1998 T Task AT midtwr TOPower AT 400w Tyan S1830S 1-4-4 AMI Intel 440BX P3-550 slot1 PC100 1GB WD 45g, WD 120g, WD 80g DINK Lite-On 16x DVD, Lite-On 16x DVD-RW Matrox G200 16mb AGP SBLive, SB16 (old) USR 56k x2=>V.90 ISA AHA-2940UW 3COM 3C905C-TX 10/100 Win98 OEM heavy lifting DINK
GREMLIN 1998 T AT/ATX midtwr AT 250w Tyan S1830S 1-4-4 AMI Intel 440BX P3-500 slot1 PC100 768mb WD 60g GREMLIN Lite-On 16x DVD, Lite-On 48/24/48 Matrox G200 16mb AGP Creative AWE64 USR 56k V.90 ISA AHA-2940U RealTek 10/100 WinXP SP1, WinME audio-video GREMLIN
MacGYVER 2000 T silver midtwr ATX Apple MacIntosh G4 1-4-0 500MHz PPC PC100 1GB Quantum 27g MacGYVER DVD-RAM (2.4GB) ATI 16mb AGP (onboard) 10/100 [onboard] MacOS 9.2 MacGYVER
Levity N RaidMax ATX midtwr ATX 275w Abit BH6 1-5-2 Award Intel 440BX P3-450 slot1 PC100 256mb WD 2.5g Levity Matrox G200 16mb AGP Mandrake linux  v7.2 obligatory linux box Levity
Fever N RaidMax ATX midtwr ATX 350w Tyan S1857 1-5-1 AMI Intel 440BX C-466 socket370 (w/ slot1 adapter) Fever Fever
Jaybird N RaidMax ATX midtwr ATX 350w Abit AN6 0-4-3 Award Intel LX P2-300 (oc/266) slot1 PC100 128mb Jaybird Jaybird
ARGO 1997 [deceased] X AT generic midtwr AT 300w SuperMicro (ACorp) 0-4-3 Award Intel TX P233 socket7 PC100 256mb WD 8.4g, WD 6.4g ARGO Mitsumi 4x, Lite-On 52/24/52 S3Trio 4mb PCI SB16 USR Courier ISA v.34=>V.90 AHA-2940U 3COM 3C905C-TX 10/100 Win95 OSR2.0b faithful everyday system ARGO
Hooper 1997 T AT generic midtwr AT 230w Tyan 1571S 0-5-4 Award Intel TX K6/200 socket7 PC100 128mb Seagate 4.3g Hooper 4x Matrox G200 8mb PCI 16bit PnP Cirrus Logic 33.6 ISA Hooper
THE PURPLE COW 1998 X Gateway ATX midtwr ATX 145w P55C Micronics? 0-4-3 AMI Intel VX P200 socket7 PC66 64mb Quantum 3.2g THE PURPLE COW Mitsumi 16x S3Virge GX 4mb PCI Ensoniq ES18133 Telepath x2 WinModem (USR) ISA Intel PnP FA82595TX 10baseT Win98 OEM genuine Gateway THE PURPLE COW
Dancing Girl N ATX Microstar MS5169 1-4-3 AMI ALi P150 socket7 Dancing Girl Dancing Girl
(unbuilt P133) X AT PC Chips M572 0-3-3 AMI Intel TX P133 socket7 (unbuilt P133) SoundPro 1869V PCI (onboard) (unbuilt P133)
LIZARD 1996 N AT generic minitower AT 230w Hseng 0-4-3 Award Intel VX P120 socket7 72pin 64mb WD 4g, WD 8.4g Lizard CyberDrive 12x Tseng ET6000 2mb PCI Ensoniq ES1868F BestData 56k ISA 10baseT SMC EtherEZ 8416 Win95 OSR2.0b WinProxy server LIZARD
Borg 1995 X AT generic midtower AT 250w Gemlight GMB-P54SPS 0-4-4 Award SiS P90 (oc/P75) socket5 72pin 64mb Borg Trident 9440 2mb PCI Roland 8bit USR 14.4 thinks the year is 2094 Borg
EYES 1995 T AT generic super-mini AT ???w Micronics? 0-4-4 Phoenix ?? P75 socket5 72pin 64mb WD 640mb EYES (2x?) Trident 9440 1mb PCI (SB16 compat) USR 56k ISA Win95 4.00 w/ Plus original WordPerfect Suite EYES
(unbuilt P75) X AT generic 0-4-4 ?? Intel NX P75 socket5 (unbuilt P75) (unbuilt P75)
(unbuilt P66) X AT Micronics 0-4-4 Phoenix Intel LX P66 (oc/P60) socket4 (unbuilt P66) (unbuilt P66)
(unbuilt P60) X AT Micronics 0-4-4 Phoenix Intel LX P60 (uc/P66) socket4 (unbuilt P60) (unbuilt P60)
Wedgie 1988 T mini-desktop AT AMI 286-12MHz 1mb ST225 20mb Wedgie Herc mono 2400 generic MSDOS 6.00 Wedgie

 Names in CAPS indicate a system set in stone; all others subject to flux. Assorted 486s, 386s, 286s, and one XT omitted for brevity, along with several middle-aged to elderly laptops

STatus: 24/7 everyday use; T reasonably intact; N reduced to parts; X no longer with us

sort of updated 03.01.20, but not accurate since 02.02.07