Area 34

This is dangerous territory. Enter and be DOOMed!


Guess the Classic Map!!

No fair looking here!

2.26.01 Guess the identity of this classic map from its initial screen! The first person to send me the correct answer will win awed applause from his peers and his name immortalized on the Asylum walls, at least until we repaint.

Hint: it's not of this world.

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(dripping blood animated bar)

droplet icon re-enter  The Twilight Asylum
droplet icon tour Area 34
droplet icon experience Life During Wartime
droplet icon reboot with Randomly Accessed Memory
droplet icon listen to The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets
droplet icon view the Rogues Gallery
droplet icon visit The Devil's Advocate
droplet icon go to the Dogs
droplet icondare to send me email

updated 6.23.03
better late than never! :)